Ultimate Surprise!

Hi there! 

I wanted to introduce our feature family for this week. Their tight bundle includes husband, Cory, beautiful wife, Courtney and their little mister, Hudson. Hudson and Courtney had a fun surprise for Cory, and we had the pleasure of capturing it! 

Courtney and Cory 1-12.jpg

Cory and Courtney met on Valentines Day at a youth event when Courtney was 15 years old and Cory was 18 years old. It was really love at first site..... well for Courtney anyways. Cory caught up soon enough!

Courtney and Cory 1-40.jpg

They started dating when Courtney was 18 years old, Cory was 21, and ended up saying their I Do's in 2014.

Big Brother 13.jpg

Two months into being newlyweds, SURPRISE! Courtney found out that she was one month pregnant! They welcomed their little man into the world on June 2nd, 2015. 

Courtney and Cory 1-20.jpg

Hudson is a true mama's boy. He is currently OBSESSED with cars and trucks (particulary Lightning McQueen) and his favorite food is ice cream in a "cake cone", which he asks for regularly. He certainly has a sweet tooth, just like his daddy!

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Courtney and Cory 1-23.jpg
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Courtney and Cory 1-32.jpg

Hudson favorite pastime is playing with his daddy. 

Courtney and Cory 1-56.jpg
Courtney and Cory 1-51.jpg

Hudson knew something was up, and that his mama had a secret. 

Courtney and Cory 1-28.jpg

Courtney called Hudson over, whispered in his ear and told him the secret. 

Courtney and Cory 1-13.jpg

Now, it was time to tell daddy. We had asked Courtney and Cory to write out something they love about each other.

Courtney and Cory 1-62.jpg

Hudson had something else that he needed to tell daddy though..... 

Courtney and Cory 1-63.jpg

That he is going to be a big brother! 

Big Brother1.jpg
Big Brother2.jpg
Big Brother 3.jpg

Cory could not contain his smile! 

Big Brother 4.jpg

The news was a little overwhelming for Hudson....

Big Brother6.jpg

Courtney had to show Hudson that the test really did say positive! 

Big Brother10.jpg

But he soon became excited about becoming a big brother! 

Big Brother9.jpg

And Courtney and Cory are over the moon! 

Big Brother5.jpg
Big Brother12.jpg

The littlest Campbell is coming soon, due May 1st!

Big Brother 12.jpg
Big Brother11.jpg
Courtney and Cory 1-17.jpg
Courtney and Cory 1-57.jpg
Natalie Baugh